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Wreck My Hole

Wreck My Hole

Leather daddy Franco Cento and muscle pup Lee Heyford get stuck into one another's holes, stretching each other open with fingers and toys.

From Sleaze starring Franco Cento,  Lee Heyford,  directed by Christopher X. Running time: 31 minutes.



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Leather daddy Franco Cento and lean, hard-bodied Lee Heyford just can't get enough of each other. They start off sucking cock, licking sweat and spitting into each other's mouths, before Franco takes out his PA so he can fuck his new pal over the nearest table, slapping his arse as he drives his cock into him.

Next Lee smears lube over a pump-up dildo and uses it to probe Franco's hole, inflating it so it fills his butt and working it in and out. But Franco's not the only greedy arse pig in this scene, and soon Heyford is lying back with his legs wide open, so Franco can slam his cock into him. Alternating between a medium-sized pump-up and a massive monster of a dildo, Cento works Lee's hole until it's slack, sloppy and dripping lube.

Their holes are half wrecked now – but these two are nowhere near finished yet. Lee lies back in a cage and lifts his legs up so Franco has clear access to his greased-up arse. He works it open with his hands, carefully loosening it up even more by slipping four fingers inside.

At last it's Franco's turn to take it in the arse again, and the handsome bear gets down onto his back to let Lee play with his hole. Soon it's gaping wide open and leaking lube, and the two pigs, finally satisfied, round off their night by jerking off on the floor.