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Dungeon Fuck

Dungeon Fuck

Butt naked except for his blindfold, Jed James gets fucked in both ends by leather hunks Dillon Buck and Darren Robins.

From Ritual starring Darren Robins,  Dillon Buck,  Jed James,  directed by Christopher X. Running time: 25 minutes.



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Cute, tattooed young stud Jed James stands in a huge dungeon wearing nothing but a blindfold. He's not alone, though – tall, hunky leather man Dillon Buck is standing right behind him, running his hands over the boy's smooth, toned body.

With his cock standing to attention, young Jed kisses him hungrily and licks his hairy pits. Soon he's on the floor, feasting on Dillon's massive tool, working his tongue around the fat head.

Next it's Dillon's turn to taste cock before getting the sexy lad down on all fours and riding him like an animal. Jed's reduced to almost whimpering with pleasure as he gets Buck's fat dick stuffed deep into his tight hole.

But the two are being watched – standing in the doorway is Darren Robins, who eventually joins them so he can have his turn fucking Jed's arse. With one dick in his butt and the other stuffed into his mouth, Jed's in seventh heaven, yelling out between mouthfuls of cock as Darren slams his dick into the boy's perfectly rounded ass.

When Jed's blindfold comes off and he can see who he's dealing with, this threeway fuck-fest only gets more intense. The three studs are all over each other now, sucking dick, fingering arse and swapping spit until finally they're ready to get down on the floor and jerk off – each of them dumping a generous wad of cum over Jed's muscled torso.