About X Offender

Jed James, Dillon Buck and Darren Robins in RitualWe like to play rough and kinky. From bondage to butt play or just fucking in a dungeon somewhere, what we're into is hot fetish sex that's hard, gritty and just a little bit twisted. And we love to fuck in gear, whether that's leather chaps and a harness or skinhead bleachers with 20-hole DMs.

We like our sex to be real and spontaneous. That's why we always try to put together guys that are hot for each other for real – so there's no acting, no faking. And we think it shows in the finished product.

We've worked with some of the hottest guys in Europe, from major stars to fresh faces. We're into tough masculinity in all its forms, whether that's athletic young bucks, nasty skins or muscle-bound leather daddies.

To get a better idea of what we're about, just take a look through our line-up of movies.