About download formats

Our videos are available to download in two sizes.

Standard size – MPEG-4 is sized 960x540 pixels and encoded at a bitrate of around 2Mbps. You can play MPEG-4 files on a Mac, PC or iPad using Quicktime or recent versions of Windows Media Player – or you can watch them on iTunes. You can also burn them onto DVD or play them on a TV using a system like Apple TV or Roku.

Download the latest version of Quicktime here.

Small – MPEG-4 is a smaller file with a frame size of 480x270 pixels, encoded at a bitrate of 500kbps. This gives excellent quality on small handheld devices like the iPhone or iPod.

Sample videos

The best way to test the quality of our video files and make sure they're compatible with your software is to download one of our sample movies. Just click on the 'about download formats' link on any product page.


Our videos are offered without DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. DRM places restrictions on the way users play media files. Its aim is usually to protect copyright. Once you buy one of our videos, it's yours forever without restrictions. However, we ask that you don't share them with others or distribute them in any way.